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Amego Film is producing short filmscommercialsmusic videos, and feature films with universal appeal and high potential for global theatrical and television release. We represent the best skilled movie professionals and talents of Hungary, as: cinematographers, composers, directors, producers, screenwriters, hair & makeup people, set designers, costume designers, sound engineers, editors and other key crew members, creating opportunity for international filmmakers to make European coproductions on the highest level in the motion picture industry.

We especially seek coproduction opportunities with Italy.



Cost efficiency became one of the main factors when choosing shooting locations. AmegO Film is a Hungarian production company that offers quality film production services in Budapest, Hungary, one of the most attractive shooting locations in Europe. Hungarian Tax Incentive is 20+5% (the highest in Europe) while location prices are integrated to 6,45€/nm2/day, one of the lowests. We provide professional filming services by optimizing costs and tax rebate, but never compromising on quality and crew. Our international movie industry backgroundlocal experience, relationship with the Hungarian National Film Fund, and our widely reknowned talent pool ensure to get the best result out of any film production in the Central-European region. We also offer in-house camera rental services, local studio and even self-taping services in Budapest.


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